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Simon Dwyer

By Simon Dwyer, Regional Shipping and Logistics Consultant

The Humber Port Complex has been a kaleidoscope of change throughout the centuries. From once hosting some of the world's largest fishing ports to now the home of the burgeoning offshore wind construction, and operation and maintenance, and from exporting British mined coal to now the home of the burgeoning offshore wind construction, operation and maintenance industry, and from exporting British mined coal to now importing biomass from the United States.

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The Humber is the busiest port complex by tonnage in the UK

Today, some of the world's largest and sophisticated sea-going vessels arrive in the Humber’s deep-water access to discharge and load over 75 million tonnes per year of dry bulk, liquid bulk, cars and many other commodities along with a million trailers and container units.

For many years trade patterns and trends have been the influencer of strategic infrastructure investments in the port cluster, resulting in growth across the supply-chain. The many ports, berths and terminals have seen hundreds of millions of pounds invested in receiving, handling, storing, adding value and distributing cargo of all kinds.

The UK Government’s decision to award the Humber Freeport status is an endorsement of the many logistics assets across the region, The Humber Freeport further enhances the platform for investment and job creation from businesses not just in the region but throughout the world.

Exponential growth

The Humber’s location encourages trade and connects with daily and weekly shipping routes reaching into Scandinavia and Europe. This is unparalleled and has seen exponential growth in frequency of sailings and capacity over the past 25 years.

Supporting the cluster are hundreds of businesses that play their part in keeping cargoes moving. Within the port hinterland, supply-chain businesses thrive including road haulage of all kinds, liquid, dry, ambient and temperature-controlled storage, packers, repairers of equipment, custom clearance and documentation expertise plus traditional ships agency. Alongside this is world class training of mariners, port operatives and logistics employees.

Our logistics companies ship to over 50 countries through over 100 shipping lines

The best businesses in the UK and global maritime industry invest in the Humber. To name one would be to name many. The owners and operators of ports, berths and terminals work hand-in-hand together with their supply-chain partners to make the Humber a unique place for investment and growth.

Safety of its people, vessels and cargoes is of paramount importance for all the businesses operating in the cluster. Likewise, there with a strong affinity to the climate change agenda and keeping the Humber green.

The contrast of the Humber ports cluster is seen in the mixture of cargo types and their origin to and from all over the world.

The World Needs The Humber

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