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Humber Worldwide

Situated on the North Sea coast of the UK and home to the UK’s busiest port complex, the Humber is an outward facing region with a strong international outlook. Our maritime heritage connects us with our neighbours in Northern Europe and Scandinavia and the flows of trade through our ports connect us to a 24/7 global market. 

The Humber’s location and ports connectivity continues to drive some serious investments and innovation around the Estuary, from energy and engineering companies to chemical and food manufacturers, taking raw materials to manufacture, engineer and invent products and services used around the world.

Companies from around the globe have made major investments in the Humber, with the United States and Europe representing the majority of overseas investment into the region. Our companies have strong historic trading relationships with our European neighbours, but in recent years, trade with China and the USA has grown significantly and Humber companies have a strong appetite for developing relationships worldwide.

The Humber imports and exports a wide range of products including food and drink and manufactured goods, but specialises particularly in the export of fuels & chemical products and machinery & transport equipment. 

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