Zero-emission, low-cost Hydrogen

HiiROC is working with Centrica Storage Ltd to develop a revolutionary, innovative technology to produce zero-emission, low-cost hydrogen.

The HiiROC solution enables thermal plasma electrolysis (TPE) of hydrocarbon gases to produce hydrogen and solid carbon black without greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The HiiROC solution is compact, modular and scalable, from a single generation unit on a fuelling station forecourt, to large centralised hydrogen-production facilities.

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Using carbon black to open opportunities

At UK wholesale utility prices, HiiROC will produce hydrogen at a price comparable with Steam Methane Reforming (SMR) but without producing carbon dioxide emissions and at a considerably lower cost than Water Electrolysis (WE). HiiROC's high-flow, high pressure, oxygen-free processing will avoid production emissions. Carbon Capture Usage and Storage (CCUS) is embedded in the process rather than a costly addition.

HiiROC will also produce elemental carbon (carbon black). Working with the University of Hull, HiiROC will research the potential uses of this valuable by-product. The physical qualities of the carbon opens opportunities in;

  • Improving biomass generation feedstocks
  • Lowering emissions and increasing efficiency in steel production
  • Soil enhancement
  • Environmental remediation filters.

This research will be done in close conjunction with the Faculty of Science and Engineering at the University of Hull.

A growing market worth $140bn+

Hydrogen is already a $140bn+ global market and set to rise exponentially with growing demand from mobility, gas grid applications and as a zero-carbon energy carrier. Locating HiiROC in Hull gives access to a workforce experienced in engineering, electronics, and high-tech manufacturing. As the company grows, HiiROC will be centralising its manufacturing and R&D functions in Hull to leverage this highly-skilled resource and bring employment opportunities, in many disciplines, to the region.

HiiROC's technology has already been lab-tested and independently verified by industry experts. In conjunction with the University of Hull, at the Aura Innovation Centre in Hessle, Yorkshire, HiiROC will develop the prototype and pilot units with ongoing independent verification in line with the requirements of its industry partners led by Centrica Storage Ltd.

The desired output of the HiiROC project is to site the first production unit on-site with Centrica. A single unit will produce over 400kg of emission-free hydrogen each day. In conjunction with a hydrogen fuel cell configuration, HiiROC will provide over 25% of the site’s electricity requirement, which will complete the first phase toward commercial development of the HiiROC unit.


Careers for experienced local workforce

Independently verified process

Highly scalable

Locating HiiROC in Hull gives access to a workforce experienced in engineering, electronics, and high-tech manufacturing

HiiROC will create the first prototype unit during this project, phase 1 (six months development and with three-month ramp up) of a total £2.5m (15 month) project to create the commercial unit.

The prototype unit will be able to process 100m3/hour of waste gas (flue/flash gas) which will produce more than 400kg/day of emission-free hydrogen.

HiiROC is excited to build the company in the Humber, to help establish the region as a centre of excellence in clean technology.


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