Lagoon Hull

Lagoon Hull is a transformational project that is big and bold enough to change the Humber region’s future. This visionary scheme will provide tidal flood protection, improve connectivity, create jobs, generate placemaking opportunities and more - redefining the area for centuries to come. The lasting impact and overall scope of this project cannot be underestimated.

Lagoon Hull represents an opportunity like no other and its potential has been confirmed by numerous independent bodies, who have meticulously analysed the proposal and confirmed its viability.

It’s an ambitious project for an ambitious region. The Humber is poised and ready to step into a green, global future with this once-in-a generation opportunity. And the time to act is now!

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Climate change, net zero objectives and tidal flood protection

Lagoon Hull is designed to:

  • Protect against climate change and support the delivery of the Humber’s Net Zero objectives
  • Protect Hull from tidal flooding for the next century
  • Improve connectivity
  • Attract global investment
  • Enable the creation of high value jobs
  • Underpin the region’s intention to move towards value-added Free Ports
  • Transform city living with an exciting waterfront destination, delivering real placemaking

Put simply, we cannot afford not to deliver Lagoon Hull. The scheme acts as a linchpin for many initiatives the Humber is striving towards.

At first glance, Lagoon Hull is a ‘big road’ that breaks out from the city into the river Humber, stretching five and a half miles. But this road will lead to so much more.

The Energy Estuary is leading the UK renewables sector. The region is home to over 20 onshore windfarms and more than 400 offshore wind turbines. We have a strong foundation. Now it’s time to take it to the next level.

Lagoon Hull has been designed to regulate water levels around Hull. The outer harbour is fully tidal, allowing Lagoon Hull to support the development of the offshore renewables sector.

The development of energy efficient, smart cities, built to accommodate an urban population equipped with the tools to support a green economy, has been recognised as a key factor in achieving Net Zero. Lagoon Hull is the cornerstone for this.

Lagoon Hull also has the potential for small-scale energy generation.

Hull is the most vulnerable city in the UK to coastal tidal flooding and rising sea levels after London. But the Humber makes a £18bn contribution to the UK economy – it’s a region worth protecting.

Lagoon Hull will provide protection to address current sea level rise forecasts to 2115.

Connectivity and jobs

Hull is the Northern Powerhouse’s gateway to Europe. Through Lagoon Hull’s traffic system a reliable traffic flow will be created – bypassing the city and funnelling business, investment and opportunities directly from the Northern Powerhouse to Europe and beyond.

This presents the opportunity to unlock further expansion of the region’s existing sectors.

Through Lagoon Hull, there’s the potential to create 19,000 jobs, adding £1billion GVA to the local economy.

Placemaking, investment & Free Ports

Growth is good. More people, more opportunities, more investment potential. But if we don’t create a place in which people want to live, work and stay, then we risk losing out on real economic transformation. Growth is not sustainable in isolation.

Lagoon Hull is a placemaking opportunity like no other. Ultimately, it is truly utilising the resource on our doorstep. There are significant investment opportunities in the outer harbour, situated alongside renewable energy developments.

Value-added Free Ports also present a huge opportunity for the region but without Lagoon Hull on the north bank, this opportunity will be capped. Lagoon Hull unlocks the region’s true potential.

More jobs, more opportunities, more growth. Lagoon Hull’s potential is limitless and the time to act is now.

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Unlocking development

Tidal flood protection


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