Keadby 3

The proposed Keadby 3 Carbon Capture Power Station would be a new 910MW power station in North Lincolnshire, fitted with carbon capture technology to remove CO2 from its emissions.

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SSE Thermal and Equinor are developing Keadby 3 Carbon Capture Power Station, which gained planning permission in December 2022 and could be operational by the mid-2020s.

Keadby 3 would use natural gas as its fuel and be fitted with a carbon capture plant to remove the CO2 from its emissions. The plant would plug into the shared pipelines being developed through the East Coast Cluster with the CO2 being stored off the coast. When complete, Keadby 3 Carbon Capture alone is expected to offset up to 1.5 MT of CO2 – at least 5% of the UK Government’s 2030 target. In 2022, it became the first power CCS project in the UK to receive planning permission and a progress update could be included in the planned Track 1 expansion process.


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