H2H Saltend

Hydrogen-to-Humber (H2H) Saltend is the UK’s first at-scale blue hydrogen production plant which will offer low carbon energy to industrial users, enabling the first at-scale production of low carbon chemicals and the first combined infrastructure for hydrogen and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

It is the anchor project for the wider Zero Carbon Humber partnership which aims to make this region the world’s first net zero carbon industrial cluster through the production of low carbon hydrogen and carbon capture & storage (CCS).

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H2H Saltend

Bringing international experience to the Humber

Norwegian energy giants Equinor lead a consortium of project partners including Mitsubishi, National Grid, ABP, Triton Power and PX Group, with each contributing their resources and experience in pursuit of this ground-breaking scheme.

Although H2H Saltend is the first of its kind in the UK, Equinor already has decades of experience in hydrogen production and CCS and has captured and stored 23 million tonnes of CO2 at projects in Norway.

Decarbonising local industry

H2H Saltend will establish what could be the world’s first at-scale hydrogen production plant at Saltend Chemicals Park, which will convert natural gas to hydrogen whilst capturing carbon emissions. The on-site Triton Power plant will blend hydrogen into its natural gas supply, eventually displacing the fossil fuel. As a result, emissions from Saltend Chemicals Park will initially reduce by nearly 900,000 tonnes of CO2 per year, with further reductions expected as the project progresses.

This is achieved by industrial customers in the Park utilising hydrogen as well as lower carbon electricity and steam produced by the Triton Power plant which will blend hydrogen into its fuel mix. This paves the way for the chemicals produced at Saltend to boast a lower carbon footprint, giving them a competitive edge in an increasingly environmentally-conscious, international marketplace.

There is also potential for the hydrogen and natural gas blend produced at Saltend to be utilised further afield by local commercial and residential communities including within Hull city centre and towns across the East Riding.

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Kickstarting the ambition for a zero carbon Humber

Saltend’s jetty with a deepwater berth on the Humber Estuary also offers future sustainable maritime refuelling as well as increased import and export opportunities, such as receiving CO2 from other industrial clusters by ship for safe storage via the Zero Carbon Humber infrastructure.

The H2H Saltend project will be accompanied by the initial pipeline infrastructure which enables safe storage of CO2 under the North Sea. It also links to the wider Zero Carbon Humber network allowing energy intensive industries to collectively utilise low carbon hydrogen and capture their carbon emissions.

Once the initial infrastructure is established and demand is proven, hydrogen production can be increased and widened, laying the groundwork to produce green hydrogen through electrolysis at Saltend and elsewhere.

H2H Saltend is the kickstarter project for the Humber’s net zero ambition.


Transforming existing power

Low carbon chemical production

Practical, scalable solution

Emissions from Saltend Chemicals Park will initially reduce by nearly 900,000 tonnes of CO2 per year


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