Ark: National Flood Resilience Centre

Ark is a novel partnership between the University of Hull and Humberside Fire and Rescue Service. It is a world-leading centre of excellence in flood resilience, which will advance the position of the UK and the Humber and as international leaders in flood and flood-resilience research.

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Ark brings together unique capability and expertise to develop projects in six key areas:


Working with at-risk communities to explore how they understand and respond to flood risk and the impact of flooding on the lives of those affected. Ark collaborates with a range of partners to develop innovative ways to make communities aware of their flood risk and help them become more resilient to flooding. By supporting communities and businesses to be better prepared, Ark is helping householders, businesses and the economy to return to normal more quickly when catastrophic flooding occurs.


Experts working with Ark are recognised internationally for their research in understanding flooding and flood-prone places and have contributed to national flood resilience policy. Ark’s work spans a wide range of topics from the arts and humanities and social science to physical environmental science, computer science and engineering. It collaborates with leading agencies, companies, research institutes and universities across the globe.


The University of Hull’s £3.4m Flood Innovation Centre supports companies to find new and innovative approaches to flood resilience, in particular through connections with the University’s renowned flood and climate research expertise. Funding from the European Regional Development Fund provides specific resources for the Humber region. The team of nine work to stimulate growth in the flood sector and to provide social value by exploring opportunities to support not-for-profit, voluntary and community organisations to develop innovative community resilience approaches to flooding.


Ark supports education and learning about flood and flood resilience for people of all ages. The Centre has been closely involved in the development of the University of Hull’s new Masters programme in Flood Risk Management. The first students enrolled to start the course in September 2020. With support from key employers responsible for flood risk management, this course will create a new generation of flood risk specialists, filling an identified skills gap in the UK and internationally. Short courses to develop specialist skills for professionals are also available.


Through the expertise of the Humberside Fire and Rescue Service, and working with other service leaders and a wide range flood responder agencies across the country, Ark aims to improve the training and safety of those who respond in flood emergencies. Tailored training packages and real-world exercises delivered in world class specialist facilities will support the development of national competency standards and support responders to work safely and effectively in flood situations. Making a major contribution to improving coherent regional, national and international flood responsiveness, Ark will help communities, businesses and individuals to lose less and recover more quickly.


To create a step change in its activities and impact, Ark aims to build a world class, £15m bespoke flood simulation facility here in the Humber. The facility will provide an immersive environment for research, community benefit, education and flood responsiveness. Simulating urban swift and still water flood events in a realistic, cost effective, safe and managed environment, it will have at its heart ‘Inundation Street’, a life-sized urban street scene with mock commercial and residential properties.

An innovation hot spot

This full scale, realistic research facility and test bed will act as an innovation hot spot and technology demonstrator. It will stimulate development of a technology driven flood resilience business sector in the Humber boosting economic growth and creating jobs.

To find out more about Ark and take the virtual tour on its website.

Read the business case summary brochure.

Global exemplar

Knowledge sharing

Flood resilience

National and international applications

Ark develops innovative ways to make communities aware of their flood risk and help them become more resilient to flooding


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