Aldbrough Hydrogen Storage

The Aldbrough Hydrogen Storage project plans to store low carbon hydrogen either within the existing natural gas storage facility or at a new site adjacent to the Aldbrough Gas Storage facility in East Yorkshire. The project could be operational by early 2028.

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SSE Thermal and Equinor are collaborating on what could be one of the world’s largest hydrogen storage facilities. The proposed Aldbrough Hydrogen Storage facility could be in operation by early 2028, with an initial expected capacity of at least 320 Gigawatt hours (GWh), which is enough to power over 860 hydrogen buses a year. The Aldbrough site is ideally located to store the low carbon hydrogen set to be produced and used in the Humber region. The benefit of the large-scale hydrogen storage at Aldbrough extends well beyond power generation. It would enable growing hydrogen ambitions across the region, unlocking the potential for green hydrogen, and supplying an expanding offtaker market including heat, industry and transport from the late 2020s onwards.


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