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There has never been a better time to be in the Humber, whether it is to live, work or invest. The region’s unique location enables its outstanding connectivity and transportation links, meaning the right people with the right skills and ideas are always close by. See why the Humber is a leading hub for business development and find out more about a region that is brimming with opportunities and bursting with activity

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As well as providing vital low-carbon flexible power, the projects planned at Keadby can safeguard and create thousands of local jobs both through direct employment and the wider supply chain. Crucially, these low-carbon power stations can act as anchor projects for the deployment of shared CCS and hydrogen transport and storage infrastructure in the region, which will in turn support the decarbonisation of industrial activity and other hard-to-reach sectors. This will be essential in both the UK’s transition to net zero carbon emissions, and for securing continued investment and high-quality jobs in the Humber in the decades ahead.

Find out more about SSE Thermal’s other Keadby projects: Keadby 3 and Keadby Hydrogen Power Station .

A strategic location that enables unparalleled trade

Humber businesses generate more revenue from their staff than almost all other UK regions

A rich and diverse landscape with some of the most affordable property and land in the UK

A global exemplar of a decarbonised, resource-optimised cluster

The UK’s fastest broadband and a leader in world that is increasingly digitally connected

World-class educational and training facilities


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Although H2H Saltend is the first of its kind in the UK, Equinor already has decades of experience in hydrogen production and CCS and has captured and stored 23 million tonnes of CO2 at projects in Norway.


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