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The Humber is the UK’s busiest port complex and 4th busiest in Europe, with 16,100 people employed across the sector. The ports handle every type of cargo and provide a unique and critical infrastructure for a range of sectors, most notably; renewable energy, oil, construction materials, automotive, steel, chemicals and food. 

The Humber has a higher proportion of people working in skilled trade occupations than the average for Great Britain.

The Humber’s offer as a key ports and logistics hub for the UK continues to grow as the region takes its place in the Northern Powerhouse. Through its access points on the Humber Estuary, the area provides unrivalled access into and out of the Midlands/Northern UK markets. The Humber is located in the UK’s mid-point, 200 miles from London and Edinburgh, as well as being in close proximity to mainland Europe, which means it is unbeaten in terms of travel time, distance and ultimately cost.

Strong connectivity into mainland Europe means 320 million consumers can be reached across Europe in 24 hours from the Humber. With a number of business parks and prime development land ‘ready to go’ nearby to the ports, key employers such as Morrisons, TNT and Crown Paints are just a few of the companies who have chosen the Humber for their manufacturing and logistics hubs.  

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