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Oil & Gas

The Humber is a base for no fewer than 5 power stations and 2 major oil refineries providing 27% of the UK’s oil refinery production. 1/5 of the UK’s Gas Imports and 1/6 of the UK’s electricity generation and 1/3 of the UK’s coal and sustainable biomass come in through the Humber to make energy. 

  • Phillips 66 and Total Lindsey Oil Refinery have a combined refining capacity of over 22m tonnes per year.
  • Phillips 66 Refinery supplies 20% of all UK’s petroleum products, enough to keep 500,000 cars on the road each day.
  • Total Lindsey Oil Refinery is the UK’s third largest oil refinery and has recently invested £33m at its refinery in Killingholme.
  • Centrica Storage Ltd safely produces and processes gas from the Southern North Sea.
  • Perenco is the operator of a large number of offshore gas fields in the North Sea, its gas production in the North Sea is around 72,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day (boepd).
  • VPI is one of the largest combined heat and power plants in Europe, capable of generating 1,240MW and up to 930 tonnes of steam per hour.
  • SSE has partnered with Siemens to construct a new 840MW Combined Cycle Gas Turbine power station at Keadby 2. The site will use first of its kind, high effi­ciency gas-fired generation technology, making the new power station one of the world’s most efficient combined cycle power plants in the UK.
  • EPH’s Eggborough power station is a 2000MW coal-fired plant, enough to power 2m homes. EPH operate Langage and South Humber Bank combined cycle gas turbine power stations which have a combined capacity of 2.3GW.
  • Langeled is one of the world’s longest undersea gas pipelines bringing 20% of the UK’s gas demand from Norway.
  • CPL, the largest domestic fuel producer in Europe, has invested £4m in commercialising technology to produce solid fuels in hours. The new facility will add manufacturing capability to the Immingham dock side.
  • SSE’S Aldbrough Gas storage facility has the capacity to deliver gas at a rate of up to 40m cubic meters per day, equivalent to the average daily consumption of 8m UK homes.
  • Works on the £100m River Humber Gas Tunnel are underway. Once complete the tunnel will carry 1/5 of the UK’s gas supply to millions of homes.
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