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Energy & Renewables

The Humber, coined as ‘The Energy Estuary’, is leading the UK renewables sector with investments in wind, biofuels and renewable energy. The region is building on its credentials in chemicals, offshore and marine engineering and exploring opportunities to capitalise on the global demand for sustainable energy.

The region has powered the UK economy for decades, being a base for energy production, storage and handling. The Humber is home to no fewer than five power stations and two major oil refineries providing 27% of the UK’s oil refinery production. The region has over 20+ onshore windfarms, which alone provide power for over 200,000 UK homes and provides access to over 400 offshore wind turbines. The Humber currently deploys 1.87GW of power with a further 11GW to be commissioned by 2030, 85% of the UK’s planned development.

Ørsted, the world’s biggest offshore wind farm developer, and other renewable energy leaders are investing no less than £7bn in offshore wind power infrastructure, supported from the Humber, where Grimsby is now a major centre for operations and maintenance. The Humber is the engine powering the UK’s drive to maintain its position of global leadership in offshore wind.

The growth in wind power and other renewable energy sources, such as biomass and biofuels, underscores the Humber’s reputation as the UK’s Energy Estuary, building on long-established strengths in sectors such as oil refining and gas storage and distribution.

Expertise in all aspects of energy production, storage and handling continues to develop within the Humber, not only in industry developments, but also at the University of Hull where energy is a key academic and research theme. The University and industry regularly work in collaboration, developing projects such as assessing the environmental impacts of energy production and understanding offshore renewables supply chains.

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